Real Couples

Jessica & Alex:

“This website was easy to use, had great customer service, and was an excellent way for my guests to give a gift in a simple way! A lot of my guests commented on how awesome Honeymoon Pixie was!”

Taylor & Stefi:

"Your site was great, we were able to raise quite a bit of money!"

Stephen & Alexis:

"My wife and I have lived together for over 4 years, so we really didn't have much to put on a traditional wedding registry and didn't want to ask for cash. Honeymoon Pixie offered the perfect solution"

Inez & Rob:

"I am very glad I went with Honeymoon Pixie because their customer service was fantastic and I had absolutely no issues at all. All of my bridal shower guests raved how great the site was and that they all liked the convenience."

Meredith & Jeffrey:

“Registering with Honeymoon Pixie was one of the best decisions we made! The entire process was simple & straightforward - from designing the registry site to actually getting the check. The HP team was professional & attentive to our needs.”

Leyla & Russell:

"We're very happy with our experience with Honeymoon Pixie. I forgot to mention, they are awesome people! They are super friendly and extremely helpful. Love them!"

Sevine & Travis:

"We've told all our guests how easy, simple this site is and fun too. And the customer service is awesome. I can't tell you how happy we are!"

Jen & Mike:

"Thank you, Honeymoon Pixie, for a superb job and going above and beyond what we ever expected! You made our Honeymoon memorable!"

Dawn & Mandy:

"The best part is it's a free site and you can set it up so there is no fee at all for the couple! "

Barry & Cyndi:

"Honeymoon Pixie provided our friends & family a safe and convenient way to provide gifts that will not be returned to the stores! We used the funds to create memories that will last a lifetime. We have already recommended it to others."

Stefanie & Jim:

"I started our honeymoon registry with another site and had nothing but trouble and less than helpful customer service reps. I can honestly say that switching to your company was the best decision I could have made... Thank you so much!"

Liz & Daniel:

“Everyone thought it was easy to use and I liked the fact that we didn't have to use PayPal and that we could get the money out without paying more.”

Amanda & Greg:

"Guests found it fun and easy to use. Also, we received our gift money ($5,000+) very fast each time we redeemed. Great service!"

Mary & Furgus:

"The Honeymoon Pixie. How cute is that? :) Very happy how one can modify the entries & activities, and the collection of the funds was very easy. I have suggested it to 2 more couples already and hope they like it as much as we did!

Carli & Phil:

"I literally spent days looking through different options for a honeymoon registry and after examining the layout of many websites; I totally fell in love with Honeymoon Pixie. I think the site is absolutely Fantastic!!"

Kristin & Matt:

I am absolutely thrilled with how well we did on this registry! I don't know how it compares to others, but we are definitely stoked on the final total!

Kim & Stan:

"Your site has been such a breeze to use, and friends and family rather enjoy "buying" off the registry rather than giving cash."

Antonia & Daniel:

"I can't rate Honeymoon Pixie more highly. The website is fun and our friends absolutely loved being able to pick unique gifts that we'd chosen."

Erika & Dwight:

"It's been great! Very user friendly and our unmarried guests have told us they would love to use it when their special day comes. Thanks!"

Joey & Jamie:

"After reviewing all of the honeymoon gift registries, my wife and I decided on Honeymoon Pixie… We couldn't be happier with the service. I would (and have) highly recommended Honeymoon Pixie to other friends.”

Elaine & Coque:

"It only took a minute to transfer our Honeymoon Pixie funds into our bank account, so we could easily use the funds during our honeymoon in Bali!"

Lauren & Chris:

"Our guests were so impressed with the idea of contributing to our honeymoon and it made shopping quite easy for them! We had the honeymoon of a lifetime in Hawaii. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a honeymoon registry."

Ali & Ben:

"We received a lot of really positive feedback from our family and friends. They all commented on how easy it was to use and how nice it was not to go shopping out in the stores."

Ebony & Mark:

"We went to a couples resort & the friends that we met there were in the same situation as far as not having as much funds for the honeymoon as they had planned. We however, had the honeymoon taken care of. Five thumbs up Honeymoon Pixie!"

Matt & Sarah:

"Having the extra cash definitely made the honeymoon more enjoyable and allowed us to have a very romantic couple weeks. I’d highly recommend Honeymoon Pixie."

Jessie & Dan:

"We didn't have enough money to make our magical journey really happen, so we turned to Honeymoon Pixie for some help."

Igor & Helena:

"Coming from Europe where wedding contributions in cash rather than material gifts is a tradition, we could not have been more appreciative and happier with Honeymoon Pixie and highly recommend it to everyone!"

Anna & Todd:

"We loved your site and have recommended you guys! We were able to have a great honeymoon because of you!!!' Thank you!"

Vanessa & Lane:

"I was surprised to receive a personal email from the staff every time a check was mailed to me. The site was delightful, no issues at all & simple to use, we enjoyed it very much!!"

Sara & Wesley:

" was very easy and user friendly to set up our honeymoon account. When I had questions they answered me right away and were very pleasant."

Maricela & Paul:

"I already referred one of my friends to Honeymoon Pixie, they're actually getting married next week :)"

Beatrice & Beckett:

"Honeymoon Pixie turned out to be exactly what we were looking for! We wanted a place for family to donate money to help with our honeymoon finances, but be able to donate in a fun way."

Terri & Jim:

"My experience with Honeymoon Pixie has been fantastic from the start, and I'm really impressed with what you folks have done!"

Candace & Rick:

"We were extremely pleased with the whole process and I will definitely tell others about it. It was great!"

Sarah & Michael:

"It was a complete success and we love this idea! We are telling everyone about your website."

Kaitlyn & Andrew:

"Your honeymoon website is awesome!!! We will be sure to recommend it!"

Kim & Nathan:

"I love using Honeymoon Pixie ... it was so handy and much needed for a great honeymoon."

Amani & March:

"I had a great experience with Honeymoon Pixie. Thanks for everything!"

Camilla & Tristan:

"There are other honeymoon sites, but none that are so personal and really allow the couple to be themselves. Our friends referred to our registry as our "wedding site" - it was super cute! They are extremely on the ball and ready to help!

Phoebe & Joshua:

"Thank you so much! We truly love the website!"

Drina & John:

"The service and site were excellent, I will highly recommend!"

Katie & Ryan:

"I've gotten so many compliments for your site!"

Travis & Chelsea:

"Thank you so much! We have been loving!"

Sarah & James:

"Great customer service!"

Jill & Trevor:

"The website is very user friendly, even my grandma used it!"

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