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Matt & Sarah's Australia Honeymoon

Honeymoon Pixie was perfect for us! I researched many honeymoon registries and chose them for their ease of setup (only took a few minutes), usability and cost - they're the cheapest of all honeymoon registries.

My fiance and I really wanted to have a memorable trip to Australia so we created a honeymoon registry with all the fun stuff we wanted (eg hotel upgrades, snorkeling, restaurants, surfing, etc). Our guests loved this and we totally maxed out our honeymoon registry compared to our other traditional registry. Once we had collected the gifts, Honeymoon Pixie sent us a check right away for the balance. Having the extra cash definitely made the honeymoon more enjoyable and allowed us to have a very romantic couple weeks. I'd highly recommend Honeymoon Pixie.

Surprise Wedding Dance

Now this was a fun wedding!!

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

This is by far the most viewed wedding video on the internet with over 72 million views! It has been enjoyed by many.

Honeymoon at Bora Bora

Your dream wedding and honeymoon at Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa in Tahiti's Hidden Paradise! Plan your next vacation in the most romantic island in the world!

All Inclusive Jamaica Honeymoon

Explore the untouched South Coast of Jamaica with host Rachel Stuart on this episode of the Best of the Caribbean. Located within an uninhabited 500-acre nature reserve, this Sandals resort is an exotic oasis near many of Jamaica's most spectacular sights.

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