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US Virgin Islands

Quaint and historic natural harbors and white sandy beaches that glisten in the sun-kissed warmth of the day make the US Virgin Islands a romantic and simply perfect honeymoon choice!



US Virgin Islands harborThe U.S. Virgin Islands are a near perfect island paradise where guests will never get bored. There's too much to do. Explore world famous diving sites like Andreas Reef or take a scenic kayak tour through Mangrove Lagoon. The U.S. Virgin Islands offers some of the best boating and deep sea fishing in the entire Caribbean. Other sports like tennis and golf are also available on the islands.



Geography and Climate

US Virgin Islands beachesLocated in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. Virgin Islands are about forty miles east of Puerto Rico and just a few miles west of the British Virgin Island. The three main islands that comprise the U.S. Virgin Islands are Saint Thomas, Saint John, and Saint Croix. Many smaller islands surround the 'big three'. Because the islands were created by volcanic activity, the terrain on each of the major islands is quite hilly. The single highest point on the islands is Crown Mountain in Saint Thomas, which is 1,500 feet above sea level.

All of the Islands in the group have a tropical climate and experience hot and humid weather year round. The weather and temperatures are fairly consistent year round. Average monthly temperatures range between 79 F and 84 F. The islands do not have a rainy season, but there is some variation with the majority of rain falling August through November.

Your planning should also take into account hurricane season which runs from June through November, with the highest occurrence of storms in August and September.



US Virgin Islands kayakingWhile the three main islands offer many of the same activities, availability and popularity varies from island to island. St. Thomas, for example, is generally considered the premier destination for sailors. This may have something to do with the island hosting a number of prestigious boat races: including the Rolex Cup Regatta. St. Thomas is also known for its scenic kayak tours through Mangrove Lagoon.

Each of the main islands offers popular water sports like snorkeling and diving. Breath-taking coral reefs and colorful marine life attract divers of all experience levels. Most local instructors consider Andreas Reef on St. Thomas to be the best diving site on the islands. For honeymooners who are interested in learning how to dive, diving packages are available.

Both St. John and St. Thomas are famous for their sport fishing, particularly for marlin. The North Drop, which is accessible from both islands, is considered the single best fishing spot in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

St. John is a nature lover's island with two-thirds of the island owned and maintained by the National Park Service. It's also the perfect place to enjoy the highly rated beaches of Trunk Bay and Cinnamon Bay.

St. Croix has a Danish influence that can be seen in the quaint towns with charming pastel buildings. The island is perfect for horseback riding or playing a round of golf on one of the Island's scenic golf courses. The experience here is more relaxed and laid-back.


Travel Tips

US Virgin Islands boatingThe official currency of the U.S. Virgin Island is the US dollar.

The islands are always on Atlantic Standard Time, which is one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

In the summer months, the water temperature is 83 F, and in the winter 79 F. Swimming is ideal year round.

English is the official language of the islands, though some residents do speak it with a heavy Creole accent. There is no passport required for US citizens.

For more information on the US Virgin Islands:  http://www.visitusvi.com/


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