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Rachael Gluch & Jacob West

Our Story

It all started on a farm in Indiana....

Jacob West grew up in Flora, Indiana on a farm with his parents Teri and Mark, and two siblings Ryan and Laura. Jacob was always outside building a fort or playing in the creek on their property, and when he turned 18, he left for the Coast Guard and lived in Alaska and San Diego. He loved to hike, explore and discover in the outdoors and ventured on out into the local mountains of Alaska and Southern California. When he visited California he discovered surfing and picked it up pretty quickly. He fell in love with California burritos and surfing, but most of all the mountains. His love for the mountains led him to hiking trails such as the Pacific Coast trail which starts in Mexico and ends Canada.. about 2,650 miles, which he plans to finish in the near future.

Rachael grew up in Orange County, California with her parents Joe and Virginia. Growing up, Rachael loved to climb the trees of her apartment complex and make teepees out of their branches. She loved to paint and create. She later discovered surfing and taught surfing to high school students, which led to Youth Ministry. She was always influenced by her youth pastors and had the opportunity to become a youth pastor herself. She fell in love with youth ministry and still continues to teach surf and minister to the Youth at her church.

Being in the Coast Guard,  Jacob had gotten word that his next move in the Coast Guard would be either Hawaii or San Diego....and Jacob chose San Diego! Over Hawaii!

One night, Kristy, Rachael's friend, invited her out to a birthday party with mutual friends. Kristy had known Jacob and Jacob's brother Ryan and their friends Brandon Hall and Mikey Mora. So Rachael and Kristy headed out to a night on the town. Jacob meanwhile was invited to head up north to Orange County, but decided to stay in San Diego. Brandon had invited Jacob and Ryan to join the celebration and they headed out for a night on the town too.

Jacob saw Rachael.... and He wanted to get to know her. The rest is history.

They started talking and Jacob asked to see Rachael again, so they went to church together!

And Jacob was baptized  on Easter 2011.

Jacob decided he could not live without Rachael in his life... So he had to marry her. ;)

In the month of August he took her to the mountains near Bishop, California and led her on a strenuous hike. Jacob had never been on this trail before, but he knew it would be the place to take Rachael. He took her to a place called Horton Lake and they hiked 5 miles straight up the mountain. It was still very much summer and so high up that the moutain tops still had snow on them. When they finally reached their destination, they saw the most beautiful lake just sitting in the middle of the snow-capped mountains. They were the only ones there! They did some fishing and as the night creeped up, the stars came out and the moon lit up the snow-capped mountain tops. Jacob asked Rachael to accompany him to go hide the bear canister. With their head lamps on they climbed on a rock and watched the shooting stars go by.

Jacob started trembling and his heart was racing. He got down on one knee, handed Rachael a ring and proposed!

She couldnt see the ring because it was so dark so Jacob shined his headlamp on it so she could see it.

and She said yes!!!!!

Our Honeymoon

Destination(s): Thailand

not sure yet

Wedding Date:

Jun 23, 2013

Honeymoon Dates:

Jun 24, 2013 - Jul 04, 2013
Gifts are still appreciated and will be used toward our trip expenses.

Registry Items

The couple is still registering their honeymoon gifts. Please check back soon.