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Yenisse Alonso & Ediel Ceberio

Our Story

 Eddie and I met back in April 2004 in NHP. He was a full-time employee and I was actually only working there as a temp. Through my hard work, they eventually hired me full-time. Eddie said he noticed me right away. He would look at the time card I would send to the temp agency to see what my name was and he found out. We were introduced by a mutual friend that worked with us in the company. At first, I could NOT stand him. I found him to be annoyingly loud and not funny. I knew he had a thing for me and since I wasn't interested, I found that I disliked him even more. 

But like all things - we just needed time. Little by little we started taking our breaks together at work, we would have lunch, he started going to my house, he met the family and he even tried kissing me a couple of times. Eventually, one day, he stole the kiss he so much wanted. I knew right then and there - I want to be with this man. I'm falling for him. We then became an official couple in November of 2004. Ever since then - we have been inseperable and we are completely in love with each other!!

Our Honeymoon

Destination(s): Orlando

Wedding Date:

Nov 08, 2013

Honeymoon Dates:

Nov 08, 2013 - Nov 11, 2013
Gifts are still appreciated and will be used toward our trip expenses.

Registry Items

The couple is still registering their honeymoon gifts. Please check back soon.