About Us

About the Company

Honeymoon Pixie is a honeymoon gift registry that provides gifts for a memorable honeymoon experience.  Creating your registry website is quick, free and easy.  Simply create an account, select a pre-built honeymoon registry, and we’ll produce your own Honeymoon Registry website that you can be share with family and friends.  Guests visit your unique registry website and purchase gifts for your honeymoon. You can request to have the gift funds be sent to you at any time.

Unlike traditional wedding registries, your guests’ purchase will provide you with an amazing honeymoon experience that you’ll always remember them by. You’ll have the memories of a dream honeymoon that will be cherished for a lifetime.

About the Founders

Andrew Marino and Gina Marino, Founders of HoneymoonPixie.com, Your Honeymoon Gift Registry

When we married, it was a second marriage for Andrew and the first for Gina.  Like many couples, most of our time and finances went into planning our wedding.  We decided on a local honeymoon to help keep costs  down and to stay within our budget.   While this was romantic and memorable, we wish we could have splurged on a more exotic honeymoon.  If only we hadn't received so many wedding gifts that we really didn't need!

Between the two of us, we already had most everything and ended up returning the usual kitchen appliances, housewares, and the like. We would have preferred a monetary gift to take that honeymoon that we had always dreamt about.  We decided that we wanted to ensure that other couples had an easy solution to this common dilemma… and Honeymoon Pixie was born!

Our lives have been enriched through the shared expereince of our honeymoon and subsequent travels.  We hope for the same for you.  To help provide such experiences for children who may never have such opportunities, Honeymoon Pixie donates a portion of all its proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It’s our small way of giving back to our community.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  We wish you all the best that life has to offer!


Andrew and Gina Marino
Founders of Honeymoon Pixie, LLC


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